Apple iBooks

eBook Distribution through Apple iBooks

At Queek we recommend that our authors publish only through Amazon and Apple, because they truly are the two main players in the market. Here are a few reasons why Queek recommends distributing your eBook through Apple iBooks:

  • Apple iBooks is the second most popular platform for eBook distribution, after Amazon.
  • Apple iBooks has a truly worldwide reach. iBooks is in 50+ countries, which means that your book can be quickly and easily available worldwide.
  • Apple iBooks’ distribution platform is straightforward and easy to use, in the typical Apple way.
  • Apple doesn’t charge anything to create an iBooks account or to upload a book for sale. Apple gives 70% of each sale to the author, deducting 30% fee from each book sold.
  • Apple iBooks distribution is a must for eBooks for youth, or enhanced eBooks. iBooks supports extras like embedded media, interactivity, narration, and more. Images and typography look beautiful on the high resolution iPhones and iPad screens, and surveys say that young readers are often choosing to read through iBooks on their iPhones.