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eBook Distribution through Kobo

A relative newcomer to the international arena, Kobo Books is now one of the largest retailers of ePub-format eBooks in the world. The word Kobo is an anagram of book! Here are a few reasons why Queek recommends distributing your eBook through Kobo:

  • Kobo is one of the most popular platform for eBook distribution. Kobo Books have around 16 million readers.
  • Kobo has a huge reach. Kobo is available in 190 countries which means your book has great visibility and reach all over the world. It ranks either first or second eBook retailer in many countries including Canada and Japan.
  • Kobo doesn’t charge anything to create a Kobo account or to upload a book for sale. Kobo gives 70% of each sale to the author, irrespective of the eBook’s price, deducting 30% fee from each book sold.
  • Kobo distribution is a must for eBooks for children, or enhanced eBooks. It supports extras like embedded media, interactivity, narration, and more.
  • Kobo allows authors to perform “deep analytics”, a rare feature that allows tracking of sales in real time.